Beach combing for glass floats

Beach Combing For Glass Floats On The Oregon Coast

Beach combing for glass floats  on the Oregon Coast during the annual event of “Finders Keepers” has become a favorite activity for those in search of glass treasures.  Imagine beach combing along seven miles of sandy beach and finding artistically created hand blown glass floats reminiscent of the Japanese floats that used to wash ashore by the Oregon coast tides that you get to keep.

Lincoln City, located approximately 85 miles south of Cannon Beach on US-101 features a “Glass Floats On The Beach” event from mid October through Memorial day.  Nearly 3,000 handcrafted glass floats made by local artisans are “hidden” on the seven miles of public beach.  You find them, you keep them!  “Hidden” is a casual term, because they want these beautiful hand made treasures to be found.  Floats are placed on the beach during daylight hours only, and are hidden throughout the day.  You can find floats every day, rain or shine.  Floats are numbered, so when you find a float, visit the registration page to register your treasure and to receive a certificate of authenticity.


Glass Float found in Lincoln City
Glass float found during Finders Keepers Glass Floats On The Beach event in Lincoln City, Oregon


History of Finders Keepers

Visitors to Oregon’s beaches in days gone by have found treasures from the east such as blown glass floats in beautiful colors in shades of green and blue.  They were used by Japanese fishing crews for floating their nets and varied in size from a mere two inches up to two feet in diameter. They were the ultimate treasure found by beachcombers.  The Finders Keepers project began in 1997 when a local glass artist thought that introducing glass floats would be an intriguing way to enter into the new millennium.  The Millennium Float project was a perfect combination of art and the outdoors.  Those who come to the area in search of finding a float often find their way to a number of area art galleries where they can find an array of fine art glass made locally as well as from around the world.



2018 Glass Float Artists

Alder House Glassblowing:  Treasure Collupy, Lincoln City, OR

Fernhill Glass: Claude Kurtz, Astoria, OR

Flanigan’s Glass Gallery: Brett Flanigan, Lincoln City, OR

Gathering Glass Studio: Keith Gabor, Ashland, OR

Glass Quest: Mark and Marcus Ellinger, Stanwood, WA

The Hot Shop: Jeff Hajek, Newport, OR

Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio: Kelly Howard, Jon Meyers, Daniel Millen, and James Benson, Lincoln City, OR

Oregon Coast Glassworks:  William Murphy, Newport, OR


Glass Floats in Lincoln City's Finders Keepers
Beach combing for glass floats in Lincoln City





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