Visit Hug Point in Cannon Beach

Visit Hug Point

Hug Point in Cannon Beach should be on your “must see” list during your visit to the Oregon coast.

Hug Point in Cannon Beach is a short 15 minute drive south from Inga’s Cottage, on U.S. highway 101.  It is a favorite among locals, and the best time to visit is at low tide.  Abundant sea life in the numerous tide pools featuring  anemone and starfish can also be enjoyed at low tide.


Tidepool at Hug Point
Tidepool at Hug Point

Erosion has formed caves in sandstone cliffs along the headland’s south side, which is also the site of a seasonal waterfall. The Oregon Coast Trail also passes though the park along the beach.

Imagine traveling by stagecoach along the beach.  Before the highway was built, the beach was the only way to travel along this stretch of coast.  North of the parking area at low tide you may walk along the original stagecoach road, still harboring the wheel ruts carved into the rock.  Pioneers traveling around this headland had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Thus, the point and the park are both aptly named Hug Point.


Hug Point
The falls at Hug Point

This 43-acre park has a large parking area and a sloping walkway to the beach. Hug Point State Recreation Site is administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.  The park is open to the public and is fee-free.

To plan your trip to Hug Point during low tide, see the tide tables here.


Drone Footage :  Clifford Paguio

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